Lawyers who harmonize? 

The singers in law

Some lawyers disagree and argue all the time, but not us. We harmonize together and make people happy.

Ken, and Linda are attorneys and Barbara was a court reporter. Before embarking on legal careers, we studied and performed music.  The law provides great personal and professional satisfaction, but neither judges nor juries clap and cheer when you’ve done a great job.  But that's what happens when we perform.  We sing new arrangements of music from swing and jazz to be-bop and doo-wop.  Our audiences love it, and so do we. We think you will too.

Our first performance as The Singers In Law was in March 2013 as featured performers in concert with the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic Orchestra.  We have since performed with our backup instrumental group, the Just-Us Quartet, and the Hearsay Horns, at jazz clubs, 
non-profit fund-raising events and galas, bar associations and private parties. The Singers in Law frequently perform with Gary Greene and His Big Band of Barristers.